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We practice in family law, traffic law, criminal law, estate planning, real estate law & probate. Call 313-996-5270!

Family Law

Settle divorce and child custody disputes

The Law Office of Jerome M. Goldman will provide you with the legal support and guidance you need to get through any family law case. Whether you are starting a marriage, ending a marriage, or working out child custody – Mr. Goldman will help you through every step of the process.

Legal support you need for family law cases

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Paternity cases
  • Practicing in All Legal Cases
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Marriage annulments
Divorce Legal Service

Determine the custody of your children

  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Parenting time disputes
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Friend of the court hearings and issues
Parent and Child Holding Hands

Estates and Probate

Estate and probate legal services when you need them

The Law Office of Jerome M. Goldman will make planning your future easier and a little less stressful. Whether you need to start planning for your estate’s future or need assistance with probate proceedings, the Law Office of Jerome M. Goldman provides the legal services you need.

Put a plan in place for the future of your estate

Do you want to get a plan in place that ensures your estate is split the way that you envision? Mr. Goldman will help you get the paperwork done that will make sure all your assets are divided the correct way. Call our office today for a FREE telephone consultation.

Law Consultation

Complete estate and probate services

  • Estate management
  • Probate proceedings and disputes
  • Probate for small estates
  • Obtaining bank accounts without probate
Lawyer Meeting With Clients

Estate Planning

Start planning for your estate’s future

At The Law Office of Jerome M. Goldman, we will walk you through the process of drafting a new will or setting up a trust for your estate. Mr. Goldman will answer any questions that you may have about the process and make sure that the legal documents cover every aspect of your estate.

Draft a new will or trust

Are you looking to draft a new will or want to update an existing one? Mr. Goldman will help you through the planning process and draft the final copy. You will be able to ensure that your property and assets are taken care of with our wills and trusts services.

Last Will and Testament

Legal services that complete your estate planning

  • Creation of patient advocates
  • Health care power of attorney
  • Estate management
  • Durable power of attorney
  • Ladybird deeds
Living Will

Real Estate Law

Residential and commercial real estate law

The Law Office of Jerome M. Goldman provides legal services for residential and commercial real estate. You won’t have to be stressed out thinking about all the legal steps when you contact our office for legal support. Get in touch with us today!

Sales and purchases of real estate

Whether you are buying or selling a home, it can be a stressful time and it is important to know that all the paperwork is in order. The Law Office of Jerome M. Goldman will provide assistance for your real estate venture:

  • Purchases
  • Realtor sales
  • Sales by owner
Mortgage Loan Agreement

Make sure all your real estate documents are correct

  • Warranty deeds
  • Quit claim deeds
  • Land contracts
  • Review of short sale documents
  • Forfeiture and foreclosure
Real Estate Law

Criminal Law

Build a strong defense for your criminal law case

After being charged with a crime, your first call should be to a lawyer who can guide you through all the proceedings. The Law Office of Jerome M. Goldman has the experience handling criminal law cases that you need to feel confident moving forward.

Understand the charges against you

Have you been charged with a crime and want experienced legal services to help you through the process? The Law Office of Jerome M. Goldman will make sure that you understand all the charges against you and provide you with a clear picture of what your options are going forward.

Criminal Law

Legal services for various criminal charges

  • Misdemeanors and their penalties
  • Felonies
  • Drinking and driving / DUIs
  • Drug possession
Man Under Arrest

Traffic Law

Be prepared for all traffic court proceedings

The Law Office of Jerome M. Goldman will get you ready for your day in traffic court. No matter the charge, replica tag heuer carrera you will be fully prepared on the date of your court appearance. You will have all the information about your case and have your options readily available to you.

Navigate traffic court with an experienced attorney

With over 43 years of experience, the Law Office of Jerome M. Goldman knows how to properly navigate traffic court proceedings. Whether you are fighting a traffic violation or need representation for an accident you were involved in, Mr. Goldman has the experience and knowledge you need.

Traffic Ticket

Representation for civil infractions

While civil infractions are not considered criminal, they can still come with a hefty fine. If you have been charged with a civil infraction or received a speeding ticket, please contact the Law Office of Jerome M. Goldman today to go over all your legal options.

Police Writing Ticket

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